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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:22 am

Rules for the forums (Topics etc.)

  • No abusive/insulting/rasistic names for the topics, and in the topics.
Beeing rasistic results in a permanent BAN from the forum.
To spam via PM (Private Message) or annoy some one will result in a PM-Block for some time.
To insult someone in a topic will result in a temporary ban.
To whining for getting moderator or admin will result in a temporary ban , or lower rank.

  • Spamming and advertising for other sites is FORBIDDEN. Doing this will result in a BAN from the forum.

  • Asking for higher Ranks is Strictly Forbidden!
The ranks like Adminstrator and Forum Leaders are the Leading ranks. The one which get it are choosen by me.
The ranks Admin Team and Moderators require a Request (Request Forum)
If they are locked, we dont need noone anymore, so dont ask me if you could get one then!

The ranks (New Member, Active Member, Godposter,...) are based on how much posts you have. Dont spam or make senseless posts to get them.
If you do,I will decrease your posts.

Rules for the Shoutbox:

Forbidden Names:

  1. MaRc or writing Leader or somesthing like this after the name.

  1. The Names of the GSV-Team (Leaders, Admins, Moderators, Producers)
My name will appear as this MaRc because im the Admin of the shoutbox.
So watch out, all which names are like this are Admins.

  • No insulting or whining or spamming/advertising
The advertised link will be blocked and the advertiser will be banned.
Using the names above will result in a ban form shoutbox and forum.

Rules for the Chatbox:

  • No insulting/spamming/rasistic/advertising All this will result in a ban from chatbox.

  • Whining or complaining will result in a kick from chatbox.

Respect these rules and dont ask me to change them all the time.
This will maybe result in a ban, too.

MaRc,Head Leader

Head Leader


Youtube account manager/Producer

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